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New or old, visiting or passing through, if you have any questions then ask them here! {Guest friendly.}
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{Guest friendly.}
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Need to Know

Find the rules and expectations of our RPG before you begin playing. It really is better to know what you're getting into.
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A little Q&A, the Suggestion Box and Away Notices.{Guest friendly.}
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Character Theme Songs
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Get In Character

Find you place in our universe! Look at the canons list, find the bio template and submit your apps here!
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Amid the chaos of the world, there are stories happening around every corner. Create a story to play in, or join others! It's always fun to plot, plot, plot!
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The known descriptions and blueprints of major locations in the Marvel 616 Universe that are applicable here.
{Staff posting only.}
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Role Play Boards

Any threads relating to the current plot involving Apocalypse, his Horsemen, a resistance, or other resulting battles and plot advancing stories.
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Any threads relating to the plot regarding the fight for Hell's Kitchen led by "Spiderx" reside here. All inquiries regarding this plot should be directed to the plot creator!
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Any threads relating to the "Spear of Destiny" plot led by Sidlotus reside here. All inquiries regarding this plot should be directed to the plot creator!
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Something to do with assassins, mercenaries and spies. Yadda-yadda.
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The main city in the Marvel Universe, it sees most of the action! (And the destruction!)
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A board for those places that are not in NY; Includes other locations on earth as well as outer space.
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In the News

The Daily Bugle for all your unbiased news needs!
{Plot-advancing stories.}
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Local reports and blogs can be discovered here.
{All members invited to write reports from your perspective!!}
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Alternate Reality

For solo stories with a single writer used to further your character development
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Really, one comic-verse isn't enough for you? Well, fine, just put anything unrelated to the forum RPG universe in here.

(Includes Past and Future threads)
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Sometimes it's just nice to smash without a ton of exposition. Come in and give it a try Hulk style!
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